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Naruto Manga Chapter 690 Read Online [Update: Mangastream now available]



Let's find that out! Last chapter was amazing (for me at least), and I'm very very very excited to see what's up next!

We have a couple of double pages this week :p. But it has 17 pages!!! So we have a long chapter this week!

Let's see what Kishimoto has for us... He will not let us down!

Edit: Same here Wink

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Update:Mangastream is now available

Bleach Manga Chapter 594 Read Online [Update: Mangastream is available]

'Sup people! Now we can have our doze of Bleach! Yeah! Now the manga chapter is available. And we can continue seeing this "Izanami" technique (if you watch or read Naruto you'll now what I'm talking about) that the maddest of all the captain has applied!

Anyways, let's enjoy this week's chapter!!!

Edit: Woah, got so excited that I forgot adding the links Wink

Online Manga Reader Ver 1.5

Online Manga Reader Ver 2.0

Update:Mangastream is now available

Bleach and Naruto are being uploaded! Wait for 5 - 10 mins!

As the title says, Mangapanda has released the chapters! Let's rock 'em! I'm working on them to bring them on site Wink

Thursday 28th... No manga yet! Japan piracy policy to blame?

Sup people. Just letting you know that this week's manga has yet to be released by Mangapanda and/or Mangastream.

After some quick search, I've found this news:

To start off, I should explain that the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine gets released every Monday in Japan. It gets leaked on Wednesdays with RAW copies of the manga coming out on Monday or Tuesday. From then on, various websites such as MangaSteam and MangaPanda try and use these RAW copies to clean and translate the text to the best of their abilities.

However this week, we saw that there were no RAWs meaning that the magazine wasn’t shipped at the usual time expected. On top of this, there has been a clear piracy crackdown from the Japan company in order to prevent the leaked copies. Yonkou Productions of the Naruto subreddit also mentions that this may become a norm.

Aohige from the APforums mentions that the chapters will be delayed. Jump are apparently getting strict with earliness of shipping out manga magazines, both Jump Sunday and Jump Magazine are affected, of which many places that receive the weekly Jump early did not receive it.

I remember back then, there were several news about Japan enforcing piracy concerns with Anime and Manga. This comes from July.

They do have all the rights to claim their money. In fact, it costs a lot to produce an episode. For example, if we take One Piece, which gets aired weekly, it's around ¥10,000,000 (ANN) which in US dollars are 96 510 U.S. dollars (Google). Considering this is just ONE episode, from ONE series, this means there are lots of costs involved in Anime/Manga in Japan per week.

The other side of the coin is how much money does an episode attracts. I can't find a clear statistic, but it shall be profitable. Then they wouldn't be releasing it weekly, otherwise.

Here comes from Escapist Magazine:

Update: Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry revealed its Manga-Anime Guardians project, which will monitor and remove illegally uploaded copies of anime and manga. The project aims to create an environment where people can enjoy official versions, spur creation, and continue to create new works and cultivate new talent. The METI states online piracy hurts Japan by nearly $20 billion. Over half of US anime and manga fans watch and read pirated works, according to the METI.

Any ideas? Comment them!

This has been one of the reasons why this site has been in so low-profile for a while. I have stalled the release of the other Bleach's episodes (my new pc busted :p). But they will be released this year.

Shonen Manga delayed?

Sup people. I've been investigating all day long. Seems that the manga has been delayed and it will be releasing with some other manga.

If you go to both, Mangastream's and Mangapanda's websites there are no signs of life.

Anyways, I wanted to keep you updated, since there were people who were asking what the hell happened with it Smile

I'll keep the site updated to let you know anyhow.

Naruto Manga Chapter 689 Read Online

Eleven weeks to go! We're very close for the 700th release! It seems that the series is coming soon to a conclusion. I don't believe it will run for more than a year now! Let's enjoy these last chapters (if Kishimoto doesn't stretch the series any longer)

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Bleach Manga Chapter 593 Read Online

Ho-ho! Now, that last guy was really unexpected. Let's see how this chapter goes. I hope Kubo knows what he is doing because this "last bad guy" is loved by a lot of people! Don't know how the community is reacting due to this event!

Online Manga Reader Ver 1.5

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No Naruto and Bleach Manga for now - Obon Week

*Sigh* It's a pity when we don't receive our weekly dose of Bleach and Naruto manga. After those endings, anyone is crazy to know what's going to happen next.

The reason it won't come out this week (or it will come later this Friday, Saturday or Sunday) is because of Obon Week. Here's a good IGN article explaining what it is about.

Sorry for the letdown!

Bleach Manga Chapter 592 Read Online

Let's rip it apart! The amazing Bleach is keeping up! New chapter to read this week!

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Naruto Manga Chapter 688 Read Online

Sup! The 688th iteration of the Naruto drawn has been released by Mangastream Wink


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