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Bleach Manga Chapter 606 Read Online

Broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom! Sup.!!! Here we goooo! After feeling bad for myself (and having a prediction off... I thought that there was going to be a Naruto manga chapter the week before), here we have our weekly Bleach dose!!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin

Let's read it! It comes thanks to Mangapanda, so let's Bleach!

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Bleach Manga Chapter 605 Read Onlne

I like to tamper a lot with my computer. And that's why I have the latest Windows installed (Technical Preview B. 9789 for those who want to know). Since this is a very unstable Windows, I got hit this morning with some slowdowns (Task manager needed around 20 mins to open!) seemed that Dropbox and the Nvidia Drivers ate the OS. I have reinstalled them and they're running once more as expected.

But now that the excuse has been written (who freaking cares, really?) I present you this week doseof Bleach!

It seems that my prediction was off, and we won't be receiving any naruto manga this week. The series has concluded and the movie is less than a month for premiering in Japan.

Setting Naruto aside, here are the links for this week's Bleach!

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Bleach Manga Chapter 604 Read Online [Update: Mangastream available]

Hello peoplewians! Today we have our dosis of Bleach too! Biggrin :D

Have you already read this week's Naruto? Ehrm..... Wait, this doesn't belong in here. BANKAI! Now this is more like it Wink

Rolling at super speed, we have today our Bleach dose as well. Jump in to the chapter.

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[Update: Mangastream available]

Naruto Manga Chapter Finale 699 + 700 Read Online [Update: Mangastream available]

Now that the rushing wave has been calmed, I can finally write this off. I do have a hunch, that Naruto Manga will have a Movie prologue next week, since the date of finishing is still Monday November 10th, which is usually the time frame in which Manga is released in Japan.

Anyways, Mangastream has yet to release the 700th chapter. It will be available as soon as they release it. I'll be checking ;).

You're free to enjoy the 699th, and 700th chapters of our beloved series. This is roughly the equivalent of a full anime episode. It's 40+ pages long Biggrin

I'll be reopening the registrations, since I've seen that the site stalled.

I'll also be announcing the changes and the new additions. (What did you think, that I will kill this site just like that?) Bleach will also be coming to an end soon.

Enjoy the last chapters!
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Also, do not forget checking up next week, since it's probable that we receive a movie prologue, which I'll be adding it as the 701th chapter Wink

I'll also wrap up the news and everything. A good place to check this all out, is Forneverworld @ his YouTube channel

Update: Mangastream's 700th Chapter has been released

Naruto Manga Chapter 700 [Update: COMPLETED]


I'm just missing these two pages from Mangapanda. This is because the server is being bombed by all the people trying to read the last chapters!!!

READ AGAIN! Naruto manga chapter 700 has been completed and ready to be read thanks to Mangapanda.

Naruto Manga Chapter 699 Read Online

No time to write. Time to READ!!!

Incoming. Naruto Manga Chapter 699 and 700!

So I wasn't smoking pot after all. here's the last chapter!!! I'll elaborate the story soon. Anyways, here is the chapter!!!

Update: Mangapanda's servers are painfully slow. I'm doing my best to grab the chapters!

They will be available as soon as possible. Expect at least 15 - 20 mins!!! Yes. Seems lots and lots of people are waiting for this moment!

Naruto Manga Finale Is 2 Chapters Long, Including a Full-Color Chapter

This year's 49th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Saturday that the "astonishing" finale of Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto manga will be two chapters long in the following issue on November 10. In addition, the second chapter will be in full color. In all, the 50th issue will publish 44 pages.

The magazine announced earlier this month that the manga will end in this year's 50th issue on November 10.

Kishimoto has been serializing the ninja manga in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 1999, and Shueisha will publish the 71st compiled book volume in Japan on November 4. Viz Media published the 67th volume in North America this month. The series ranked 4th among the top 10 Shonen Jump titles in terms of volume sales in 2012.

The series has spawned multiple television anime, anime film, original video anime, and game adaptations. The Naruto Shippūden anime is still ongoing, and a film titled The Last -Naruto the Movie- will open in Japan on December 6.

So... I've been making some erroneous countdowns...

Yup. Naruto manga will end in November 10 (Japan-wise) after all!.

Sorry for making those erroneous countdowns!!!

Bleach Manga Chapter 603 Read Online

Bleach Manga Chapter 603 has been released by both: Mangapanda and Mangastream!!! Let's enjoy... and sorry for the delay!!!

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