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Bleach hasn't been released | Remember: No naruto manga this week

Title says it all. Seems like we will be back to Thursday releases!

Anyways, Naruto manga is on break this week!

Naruto Manga Chapter 693 Discussion [SPOILER ALERT]

Please, if you haven’t read this week’s chapter (or do not follow manga), do not read past this line.

I can’t believe I’m writing a blog post. I haven’t done this in a while…. In this site ;)! But this week, it’s worth doing. I’d also like to know what you people think about this.
You see, (yes, it’s time to shit talk) seeing that Microsoft is giving for free (this month) the first season of Naruto and having an xbox 360, I decided to give it a shot once more. I watched episode 1, 4 – 6 and I really enjoyed them. I liked the charisma an all, and remembered why Naruto hooked me since the beginning: Character development, techniques, and balanced development of the series.
I don’t know what to say about this chapter. I knew from a beginning that Sasuke and Naruto would fight, and that this time Naruto would win, since he kind of lost previously when fighting Sasuke at the Valley’s End.
What I’m not digesting is how crude, awkward, strange, and a plethora of semantic words, things were on this chapter. Dude, why on the world Sasuke does this out of nowhere. It’s like having butter on your hands and let slip every ball a pitcher has thrown you.
I really wasn’t expecting this, but I felt this was forced… too much… I love the awesome-I-didn’t-expect-this factor. But this isn’t.
A guy who became frustrated, since the beginning of the series, ditches its village, kills his almost-dead brother; he feels empty, goes to obliterate the village; then the kage; root; pierce Karin …., …., …
It’s like parodying Shakespeare: To kill or not to kill. I think Sasuke surpassed himself since he wasn’t only able to do that, but to merge that concept with poking some flowers: I kill it, I don’t, I kill it, I don’t…. Blah. From a very cool character, to a psycho-maniac.
It does amazes me, considering how he ended pals with the 1st Hokage, and how he blabbered on surpassing him.
Nonetheless, the whole chapter wasn’t grim. I liked the facts that Sasuke retained the Rinnegan, Naruto Kurama (and who knows if any of the power of the six sage?), and that a badass fight is going to start.
Sorry for bad writing… 12:34 A.M. and I’m very sleepy.

Well… this chapter was too much to digest, and lot to talk about for the next two weeks. Any ideas, predictions or stories, you can always comment them.
P.S.S: I believe Naruto will recover Kurama and make the badass fight a badassbadass fight

No Naruto manga next week

No Naruto manga next week! That's it....Seems Kishimoto is taking a break.

Bleach Manga Chapter 596 Read Online

Hahaha. This is a Bleach site, and it's getting little love! Anyways, the chapter is here thanks to Mangastream. Enjoy it!

I know many of us would like to see Ichigo once more... It seems we'll have to wait a couple of chapters more to see him (speculation. Haven't read the chapter yet)

Online Manga Reader Ver 1.5

Online Manga Reader Ver 2.0

Naruto Manga Chapter 693 Read Online

Yosha! Let's see how it goes this week! I believe there's going to be lots of talking, since we need to close some gaps! Wink

Online Manga Reader Ver 1.0:

Online Manga Reader Ver 2.0:

Bleach Manga Chapter 595 Read Online

Let's roll with Bleach, too!

Online Manga Reader Ver 1.5

Online Manga Reader Ver 2.0

Naruto Manga Chapter 691 Read Online

Bleach is coming up next Wink

Anyways, I know many of you are pretty excited (as I am) to see what's next. The series has an air that it's finishing. But I still believe it has some juice left. I'll be making some posts later on to say what I'm expecting.

Online Manga Reader Ver 1.0:

Online Manga Reader Ver 2.0:

Naruto is being uploaded!

I know everyone is excited to look what's next! Worry not. Naruto is currently being uploaded!!!

Same as last week. .The chapters have yet to be released

Sup people. The chapters have yet to be released. I know many of you, like me, are too excited to see what's up in this week. But we need to have some patience. Seems that manga will come tomorrow. Worry not, I'll be checking Wink

Naruto Manga Chapter 690 Read Online [Update: Mangastream now available]



Let's find that out! Last chapter was amazing (for me at least), and I'm very very very excited to see what's up next!

We have a couple of double pages this week :p. But it has 17 pages!!! So we have a long chapter this week!

Let's see what Kishimoto has for us... He will not let us down!

Edit: Same here Wink

Online Manga Reader Ver 1.5

Online Manga Reader Ver 2.0

Update:Mangastream is now available