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Merry Christmas + Happy New Year + Old Releases: Bleach 657 + One Piece 811 + Fairy Tail 467

Yo people!!!! First of all I'd like to wish you all a great Merry Christmas (although late) and Happy New Year (although late, too). I know I know... I was on vacations, but I'm back! Got Internet and my Laptop fully connected!

I would like to wish you great decisions for this 2016. People usually shell out congratulations. I think a little bit different. Good decisions are what separate us from doing the bad stuff, which end up in bad failure. Whereas, good decisions although it will not end in successes, it will allow you to learn from your mistakes and later on do the things correctly.

Bleach Manga Chapter 657 Read Online (Ver 2.0):

One Piece Manga Chapter 811 Read Online (Ver 2.0):

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 467 Read Online (Ver 2.0):

So far I'd like to discuss new features as the old times, but I'm involved in other projects as of now. Would love getting some "free" time to tangle with the site. But to be honest I don't see much updates coming in the foreseeable future, besides adding a couple of more manga, and maintaining the site fully patched.

Anyhow, thanks for InnerBleach support for all this time! Let's keep em' coming! Enjoy 2016 and let all your goals come true!