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Bleach Manga Chapter 643 | Fairy Tail 452 | One Piece 800 Read Online + Site's Activity is back!

A triple post merged into one. Today surprised me a bit. Manga came early this week, which is awesome! So here are the three chapters for this week! On the other hand, I have been missing Fairy Tail schedule, still do not know exactly when it comes out. I thought they were Fridays'. I haven't read Fairy Tail since some time now (left it off on 408). Will be playing catch up soon.

Here are the links:
Online Manga Reader Ver 2.0:

One Piece
Online Manga Reader Ver 2.0:

Fairy Tail

Online Manga Reader Ver 2.0:


Hehehehehe. I added back Site's Activity. I had the code lingering around, so it was just a simple copy and paste to bring it back! :D. Also, removed "powered by drupal" from the site.
Expect some Fairy Tail additions soon!