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One Piece Manga Chapter 840, 841 Read Online

One PIece Manga Chapter Read Online here:

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 503 Read Online

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter Read Online here:

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 502 added.

Holy cow Sherlock! You've uploaded it the same date as it released! Yup boy. Now enjoy it!

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter Read Online here:

Yes. One Piece as well. Manga Chapters 838, and 839 available.

One PIece Manga Chapter Read Online here:

No. This place is not dead. Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 500, 501 added.

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter Read Online here:

Bleach has come to an end | A message to all the readers. BEWARE: Nostalgy hit!

August 18, 2016... 5 years, 10 months, 13 days since officially launched. Today Bleach, has come to an end. It has been great to share all these years with the fans. Thanks for everyone for all the support. will not disappear, since there are still Fairy Tail, and One Piece releases coming around. After the last horrid announcement of only having a live action, I decided to write up this post, to recall some of the past years’ experiences (for those who care, or don’t have anything else to do).

I remembered trying to watch Bleach in the past but I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get past the first episode. It wasn’t until I went to play some Halo 3 at a friend’s house, when one of my school friends told me about Bleach. I said, “Meh… Well… Let’s give it a second shot”. The rest was history. I got completely hooked. At that time, I had a shared family desktop computer. I used to stream the episodes in Veoh, and Putlocker from different sites around the web. Those were good times. Unfortunately, Internet speed wasn’t as good as it was today (100 KB/s max and 2 PCs in the household no smartphones), and electricity would go from time to time, so I ended up doing lots of buffering and looking again for the episode.
On top of that, I would always visit my grandmother for the weekend, and she didn’t have any Internet connection with her. I had an Xbox 360 (It later RRoD). So I started looking for another means: downloading.
That’s when I started browsing all over the Internet for Bleach episodes, and found a super blessing site, called (Way Back Machine – does not have a previous cache of the site, so the best thing I could find was this: )

This site was super duper reduper awesome. It offered FREE direct downloads to ALL the Bleach anime. I started grabbing them, one by one. Starting with Lunar Anime to all the way up to Dattebayo. I remember it took me around 25 mins per episode to fully download it (Of course, if the Internet was at top speed). Making the story short I started to have my own personal catalog of Bleach anime.
Sites such as ( and
Were also of great importance, since I would also get the episodes from them.

Nonetheless, I felt that these websites were amazing. People would praise them and feel so grateful. I loved that emotion, and wanted to be part of it. Feeling the gratitude of other people was an unparalleled feeling that went beyond diplomas, and school grades. At the same time, people were looking for episodes from a reliable source that did not enforce waiting time (Rapidshare became worse and worse throughout time) and that’s when Mediafire, and Megaupload started to shine. That’s when I decided to start mirroring the episodes in a ninohomaru post:
That post was priceless. All the episodes from the different subbers were uploaded in there. I remember later on grabbing them from Flomp, Tsuki, and SKGG. Heck, even I started to sub the episodes that were 16:9 that Flomp didn’t get to sub in HD format (163-169). Oh man, I got to learn a lot! I even got recruited later to Hatsuyuki as their timer. I did Hisagi Drop Blu-ray release and later on started working on Naruto (which we need to finish, btw)
Nonetheless, bleach7 started to falter (DMCA-wise), and that’s when I started the possibility of launching InnerBleach. I wanted to learn web, which I started to tamper with in school, and then, in November 2010, it happened. InnerBleach was released. With only episodes download and super basic knowledge of PHP I started working on this site. Although it wasn’t out of this world, the anime download portion offered the ability to filter out the episodes from fillers to canon material, your favorite fansubbers, and media format.
By that time, I despised manga. I didn’t like it. It felt so static and dead. And it also didn’t make much sense, since Bleach anime was very close to the manga. Something interesting happened, that I had a change of heart, and that was Naruto.
Naruto Shippuuden was going through its normal filler season, after fighting Hidan and Kakuzu, we started seeing the two-tails filler arc. I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to watch manga. I felt so engaged that I couldn’t believe that I have been missing it out all this time.
For further improving my skills I decided to develop the world’s best manga reader, and started working on features that were unique to this site. After a humongous changelog and around 3 years of development, the Manga V 2.0 managed to reach a Beta Milestone, which included the ability to preload the pages, create a cinematic experience, and even read it side by side!!!
It was awesome. I’ve put so much soul into it, that it ended up doing great!

So, what am I doing right now? Why is InnerBleach not following its steps? I’m currently working on another website (Web Application), which is called PG Arena =>, which plans on entering the eSports world with another twist (Will allow you to make money while playing video games). InnerBleach has been plagued by DMCA issues and takedowns so I decided to move my efforts to PG Arena.

Now, InnerBleach says goodbye to its main manga. Thanks Bleach for all this awesome time!

Bleach Major announcement is a live action movie!

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 497 Read Online

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 497 Read Online:

One Piece Manga Chapter 836 Read Online

One Piece Manga Chapter 836 Read Online


Read Online NOOOOOW!

Bleach Manga Chapter 686 Added